Tune In to Your Inner Coach

Self-love. Photo credit Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


Find your inner guru.

Tune in to your superpower.

Coaching generates inspiration, motivation, guidance and practical options in abundance.  At the end of a coaching conversation, activity or use of resources you get a clear acton plan that excites you and not just for a short time, it will be something you can’t wait to start and see it come to fruition.



This begs the question, is life coaching for everyone?

Possibly, however it is still treated as a luxury that is not affordable to many.

Can one self-coach?

Most definitely.

Here I help you find your inner guru, your inner coach if all other avenues are out of reach for you, for now.

What To Do

All you have to do now is, one, make sure you subscribe so that you never miss out, I will personally respond to all your emails and comments.

Two, silence you inner critic.                     Your inner critic loves to talk, nonstop chitchat, warns you of all the terrible things yet to come, and most of them are not even true, it is also the reason why you get paralysis by analysis, your inner critic enjoys gathering information but never acting on them.

Your inner critic equips itself with memories of the past and anxiety of the future, but only to ‘protect’ you, to keep you in your comfort zone wrapped in cotton wool. At times it even resolves to use very nasty and dangerous tactics to keep you out of change.

Lucky for you, I do have some good news too, there is also you inner self that loves celebrating you. So, three listen more to your inner cheer leader.                                                      


What To Expect

Expect a lot of free resources and information to guide you to live your best self.

What to expect from your inner coach.

  • Encourage you to set challenging and inspiring goals.
  • Believes you are enough.
  • Believes you can meet expectations and cheers you on.
  • Explores options.
  • Helps generate action plans that suit you and your lifestyle.

No more letting the critic run on autopilot. I will help you become more aware of it and take charge of creating your best life yet.

How to engage your inner coach

  • Set aside to practice what works for you try different calming down techniques until you it figure out. Examples include meditation, yoga, tapping etc
  • Write down your ideas, goals, dreams and keep a vision board.
  • Learn to tell off your inner critic when wild again. Just become aware of it and place boundaries. Imagine if your friend spoke to you like you speak to yourself, Right!

Remember: Everything needs time, give time, time. It is all about consistency and persistency.


email: admin@nicollehanselmann.com
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Embrace the life lessons.


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