Self Asessment And Coaching Package


This is a zipped folder containing SIXTEEN (16) PDF format self assessment and coaching content that will set you on your path of self Transformation. The 16  PDF files are arranged in order of importance but you can start with any.



This Self Assessment and Self Coaching Package includes individual PDF files covering the following crucial areas of Life Transformation:
2. A Change Questionnaire
3. Creating Your vision
4. Dealing With Procrastination
5. Dealing With Stumbling blocks
6. Decision Making
7. Identifying What You Are To Learn
8. Managing Risks
9. Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Human Needs
10. Motivation And Action
11. Myths Of Change
12. Quality Life assessment
13. How To Deal With regrets
14. Reviewing your project plan
15. The process of change
16. Identifying Your Life Priorities


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