What Life Coaching Is Not.

It is important to note the 3 things that coaching isn’t.

1.Coaching is not counselling or therapy.

Coaching is not about fixing traumas or all those things that are perceived as fundamentally wrong with people.

When you have a dental issue who do you go to? A dentist, right?

Every profession plays its role and they all work out fantastic like a completed puzzle.

2.Coaching is not mentoring.

It is great to have a mentor during the time of coaching but the mentor isn’t your coach.

A mentor is someone who is ahead of you and is willing to share their skills, knowledge as a road map. It is important to find one.

Surprisingly, sometimes the best mentors are those who you “envy” those people who are already living our ideal life. Once you befriend them, they half your learning curve making everything seem simple and effortless.

3.Coaching is not giving advice.

Coaching illuminates.

A coach does not give advice. A coach helps you achieve higher level of lives satisfaction.

Helps make your goals a reality.


True life coaching comes from within, the gurus are fine and exciting but we all have the capabilities in us to effect change. Coaching is great, lets you bask in the comfort of knowing you can “fix” your life, but your job is to make sure these fixes are not just some elegant and beautiful stickers but long lasting results.

For a change to last, to effect change that change, it is vital for it to come from deep within yourself. You have to recognise and rejoice in those baby steps you make.

This is what Jeni Purdie says about life coaching:

“A purposeful conversation that inspires you to create your best life”

Unfortunately for us, we love our little chit-chats. I have them. We all do.

By chit-chats I mean those non-stop conversations we have with ourselves. They are okay. But, all we need to do is make them more meaningful and purposeful.

Together we can make use of life coaching by asking appropriate questions instead.

For instance, we need to ask;

  • Why do you act the way you do?
  • What are your limiting beliefs?
  • Do you have any other options and what are they? etc

So basically life coaching leaves you with answers, leaves you refreshed, inspired and lets you dream even bigger than ever before.

I would like to take you on that amazing journey of beginning of the rest of your life.

Why Blog?

I started my self-development journey a few years ago, and like many of us I got stuck at the analysing stage.

Yes, Paralysis by analysis. It is super common.

(Don’t worry it is not my job to judge neither do I want to)

Here is the funny part, we think that we are alone and yet we are not.

Millions of us love the knowing, the acquiring knowledge and the processing and never doing anything about it.

Tommy baker in his book The 1% rule he nailed it, he said that:

“…when I discovered there were people using personal development and seminars as an escape, not as a tool to execute and create progression their life…” it dawn on me how bad this is, for most of us”.

The above has become like a blueprint in my life, it is a quote I have turned into some sort mantra.

Likely for me, at the time I was reading his book I had already made some steps to making actual seeable changes in my life, then as fate would have it, I had an incident at work that catapulted me into the deep end.



No regrets whatsoever.

The best bit is sharing and realising that there is unquenchable thirst out in the world.

Silver lining.

People need help, we all do and at times clueless on what to do with all these readily available information.

Would I have handled my personal life differently if I didn’t have the resources and help? Of course YES. In fact that is when most of us press the panic button. I didn’t need to. I was good, armed to my teeth with the right tools.

All these gave birth to my mission, and the mission is to help as many people as possible. Learned about coaching, gathered resources and now sharing it all through all available avenues including blogging.

I hope you will join me in this journey as we journal and embrace all useful life lessons to ensure we come out of this completely new and full of life.

For me having this website that could potentially inspire and change lives is another way of proving that we can do anything we set to do we only need to believe.

If I can, so can you.


Nicolle Hanselmann.

PS: Another goal achieved

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My name is Nicolle Hanselmann. 

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This website is to help people navigate through life with ease.

We all deserve a helping hand once in a while to help maximise our true potential to leverage remarkable results.

Life coaching helps us see things in different perspective to spot opportunities and open doors that we would have hence thought shut.

Am here to help people. After finding myself working in environments that made me unhappy or never gave me home and work balance after all the sacrifices I found myself being accused of something that I felt was unfair unfathomable.It is then that I decided to make it my life mission to help others not to settle for less. 

We all have the true potential of having it all & nothing less.

Personally I love travelling, cooking, hosting guests and watching or reading inspirational materials. I’m very curious and  tend to experiment with DIYs and am actually good at it. 

This channel is a safe space for sharing a variety of life issues including parenting , finance, self-development, books, just to mention a few.

Expect light-hearted videos with my pre-teenage son(occasionally), live streams, inspiration and many more.

As we are in the middle of a pandemic, I will be sharing atleast a video a week and hopefully daily videos with time. 

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It will be awesome growing together through this channel. 

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