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Back To Normal-ish

With the shops now opened in England, we are spoiling ourselves rotten. I have popped in a few shops myself, over the last couple of weeks.

I love my books, magazines, you name it… just about anything that could potentially quench my curious nature (Or maybe just easily bored self)

Today as I went through my latest and newest Reading magacollections, I found a “weird” looking magazine. I had no recollection of where it came from. That in itself intrigued me and baffled me even further. Grabbed my cup of coffee, sat down and made myself comfortable with my throw. But then, it became stranger and stranger. This magazine had actual content in it, if you know what I mean, it is not something anyone would forget buying. (Oopsy!)

Not So Free

My initial hope was that I was about to drool and feast on what’s new in our shop. Nope, not with this magazine. Checked it out and that is when I realised that it did have the price printed on it. It costed £1.99. I really don’t remember buying it let alone paying for it.

As I jogged my memory, I remembered an incident that happened recently. Had  picked up a “free” magazine

from one of the shops on my way out.  That is where one expects the shop’s catalogue usually is, isn’t it? All I can now recall is a lady looking at me and I assumed that she did because she loved my newly dyed blonde hair. Smiled and continued my way.

Here is the pickle, I can’t take it back to pay for it, as I have no idea from where I picked it up from. It doesn’t say, my memory is beyond wits. So I have to deal with the guilt for quite a long time until I either forget about it or figure it out, whichever comes first.

Integrity ( & Character )

Integrity this is the ability to do the right thing even when no-one is watching. It is the one thing we need to safeguard with all our might. A person of high value is able to build lasting and sustainable systems and leave a legacy behind. Be it in their family, business or whatever interactions they have.

No one tells us or demands of us to be of exceptional character, it is a choice we have to make day in, day out.

  • It is what makes as smile at the bus driver.
  • Open the door to that elderly lady.
  • Apologise for forgetting being on the wrong lane.
  • Take back that extra apple the grocery man accidentally gave you.

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.

-Henry Ford

If you want to live an extraordinary life, do extraordinary things and be extraordinary.


That said what should I do?


Take Care!


©Nicolle Hanselmann


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