How To Handle Your Writing-Related Fears?

You’re a human, right? Therefore, you have fears! That’s the most normal thing on Earth! Imagine that there are people living their fears instead of …

How To Handle Your Writing-Related Fears?

Published by Life lessons by Nicolle Hanselmann

Life Lessons by Nicolle Hanselmann started out by helping people stay positive during the 2020 pandemic through sharing of all uplifting information via blogs and video blogs. Then a life defining moment hit home and gave birth to my mission. My mission “ Anyone can and has the capability of transforming their life by using their tragedy to catapult them to greatness, they just sometimes need someone to help them see it and navigate through it’ What is life coaching? More and more people are becoming aware of the need for a life coach. Find out more on what it is and how it works I provide lots of insights and free resources.

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