Public Health Awareness.


Life Coaching Vs Public Health.

Have you come across the concept of “Ubuntu”, I am, because we are.

Ubuntu* has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society, currently adapted in a lot of sectors in the developed nations. It is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.

As we practice life coaching, self-development and ways of improving our lives it is very important to note that we are in this together. I am, because we are.

Everything matters.Everything is connected to the other.

Let us begin by understanding Public Health.

Public health awareness can be defined as the collection of health information and resources designed to educate and empower individuals and communities. It also means the act of communicating important health information through different forums for instance; mass campaigns, health facility education, door to door, public meetings, social media, among others.

Effective public health awareness is driven by the pillar of proper communication. It is worth noting that, proper public health awareness outcome is largely dependent on strategies used, the channel for message delivery and intended audience. However, an understanding of cultural dynamics, health literacy, Internet access and media exposure of target populations are crucial in selecting the proper strategy for awareness .

 Why it Matters 

Public health awareness is very key to health and wellness in various ways; firstly, it is a key determinant for health seeking behavior and health status of an individual and community at large. Secondly, effective public health awareness not only to improving health outcomes of an individual but also reduces the impacts of disease and socio-economic factors that could be attributed to a certain disease outcome. Thirdly, accurate, timely and right information during public health emergencies such as Corona virus pandemic (COVID 19) is a fundamental modality of outbreak control strategies. More so, the provision of knowledge on disease transmission and control measures not only enhances understanding of the risk behaviour but also assist the general public in responding quickly to the outbreak. 

Benefits of Public Health Awareness 

Public health awareness is a major driver to achieving sustainable development goals, it has various benefits which includes; public health awareness is crucial in boosting nation’s economy through the reduction of healthcare expenditures and loss of productivity as a result of preventable illness.

Public health awareness is also a key determinant to behavior change and communication; effective communication strategies and methodologies of public health matters aid in behavior change. 

Why Public Health Matters in Life Coaching.

Like I said:Everything matters.

We tend to think that anything that doesn’t involve us directly-doesn’t matter.

But, there is a lot of evidence, that carry water, that we are the by-products of our environment. So, anyone who needs to live their authentic life should ensure they look after their physical health, mental health, and their environment at large.

If your environment isn’t to expectations, find help and resources to overcome the potential negative impact it may have in your life. Start with the little things including the inside of your home.

We ought to all clean up our acts for a better future. Everything matters. One person is part of a whole. Your success is my success, our success is the communities success.Ubuntu.


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  • Ubuntu


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