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Consider your uniqueness, talents and gifts.

Become Your Best Self

What are some of the first steps you could take on your new self awareness journey?

Know that you are enough

You are resourceful.

You are already capable of much more than you know.

As a child you never gave any much thought about learning any new skill. You probably didn’t care or just loved it when your parents cheered you on and counted how yet achieved another milestone.

For instance, you would try and stand, fall, stand again fall but that never deterred you from ever trying again.

Stand fall repeat.

Then as you grew older you started developing and attaching yourselves to labels.

Here are some some examples, ‘I am absolutely hopeless at football’. ‘Mathematics? me? No chance’.

Such talks gave you excuses not to try or keep trying hence creating a comfort zone. Nothing wrong with that.But it got worse when everyone supported just what you were good at, in some cases you got punished for not being good in some areas.

I remember back in the days failing at a subject in school meant corporal punishment, this only reinforced the fear of it. I am not aware of any case where a student fell in love with that particular subject after such treatment.

Well, now failing would cost you some verbal diarrhoea “Your just not good at it, aren’t you? blah blah blah…”

All one gets from this sort of environment of punishments, approvals and rewards is sticking to what they know. No adventure, no creativity.

Magic is out of your comfort zone.

Embrace your strengths

How can you make concentrating on your strength easy? Reflect on the below:

  • Do you recognise, value and appreciate your strengths?
  • Listen to yourself when you talk. When you mention your strengths, do you find some ways of diluting it? “I am good at football but..”
  • Do you really understand how good you are? How unique you are?
  • Is blowing your own trumpet embrassing for you or is it something you comfortably do?


You can change you mindset from a fixed one to a growth one. Remind yourself:

  • You can do anything you set to do with a growth mindset.
  • There are many things you can do than those you can’t do.
  • When you put in time and effort you improve your chances with the things you can’t do.
  • Progress is made with a positive mindset.
  • By tapping on to your uniqueness, it gives you confidence and energy to tackle the challenging areas with a more relaxed and unique perspective.


Write down 10 things that make you unique as if you were bragging to a talent show panel.


The whole focus of the question is to dig deep on what makes you, you. Think of what makes you unique.

PS: Share some one the comments section.

Know you are enough. Know it, Believe it, Live it and Hold it in your Heart that You truly ARE…

-Not Known.


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