Life Coach

Coaching has enabled a lot of people to achieve higher levels of life satisfaction and authentic happiness. It has helped a lot of people make their goals a reality. Coaches have a beautiful partnership with their clients.

Tommy Baker in his book The 1% rule says that…

“…when I discovered there were people using personal development and seminars as an escape, not as a tool to execute and create progression their life…” it dawn on me how bad this is, for most of us“.



We could start by agreeing on how the current system fails the masses. It is just not working. The goal settings and the on and off motivation is just not working. I have been on a self-development quest for years almost a decade now but what changed my life was bumping into coaching.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is that which elevates you from being average, catapults you to reach where you want to be. It is the significant difference between where you are now and where you need to be. It sets out to maximise your full potential.

This is a profession that does not dwell or focus on your doubts, your ‘ifs’, your negative self-talks but it is that which enables you to see your true self, your potential, it sees the best in you, without judgement, it does this by continually guiding and accepting your personal life journey.

Coaching will encourage you beyond all that holds you back, you become more aware of the negativity, the energy drains, the self imposed limitation (sometimes by society) to ensure you attain your authentic full potential, this is only personal to you.

Think of any sport. It is almost impossible to think of any sport, today, right now without a Coach. It also goes much further than that.Most of the team members will still have their own Personal Coaches.

The Coach will make sure they play as a team, enhance their individual strengths, it comes together beautifully as a complete puzzle. He will see their individual and collective blindspots and he will help the players redefine themselves. They become almost unstoppable. Can we do that with our lives? Of course, we can.

How Can I Help?

Usain Bolt has a coach. CEOs executive coaches. Can you imagine how much more you could achieve? How productive and successful you would be if you had your own life coach?

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