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Life is full of amazing lessons. The beauty is in learning from them and accepting them. Embrace the lessons and find your purpose.


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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover-Quick to Judge

“What seems nasty, painful and even evil, can become a source of beauty, joy and strength. If faced with an open mind, every moment is a golden one for anyone who has the vision to recognise it as such.”  Henry Miller  It is all good, even the bad (stuff)   Something interestingly weird happened to meContinue reading “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover-Quick to Judge”

She Is Curving Too Soon.

As mothers most of us will see her as the 15-16-17 yr old girl she is. But sadly some people will see a woman depending on how developed her curves seem.  Some will want her for all the wrong reasons.  She is faced with 3 humanly response.  Fight, Flight or Freeze Fight back until they see herContinue reading “She Is Curving Too Soon.”

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