Gender Violence.

Gender Violence.

Do not keep silent.

We can not emphasis enough how important it is to look after yourself psychologically.

Life Coaching for Persons Experiencing Gender Violence/ Domestic Violence.

It is very important to note that our wellbeing is a package of a lot of concepts including our psychologically health.

Anyone pursuing self-development must know that it is not therapy. It is vital to deal with any former trauma or any on-going trauma to you are your children.

Coaching is not counselling or therapy, it is not mentoring neither is it giving advice, per se.

Nevertheless, it is always a good thing to make people aware of how to ensure all areas of their lives, directly or indirectly, are in alignment with their end goal, living an aunthetic life full of dreams and happiness.

What is Gender Violence.

Gender based violence is a form of crime which has historically been perpetuated against women, it represents a violation of human rights. It defines any violence of gender-based violence in nature which results in or likely to result in any physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to woman including threats. It is worth noting that, Gender-based violence is not only perpetuated to girls but also boys.

 Typically, GBV occurs in all child’s set ups both at home and school environment. Although, punishments at schools being considered as a correctional tool, this kind of punishments and disciplines causes physical trauma and psychological trauma. 

However, boys tend to be inflicted more thus forced to conform to traditional gender stereotypes. The ideology of boys is physically stronger than girls; and that physical abuse helps them grow tougher as men underlie these differential expressions of gender-based violence.

In addition, discriminatory ideas about children being inferior to adults, and that parents are entitled to use violence to educate their children are also seen in the use of punishment as an educational tool goes a long way impacting the mental wellness of the child. 

Whereas domestic violence is abuse of a spouse, it is also a crime and should be reported too, typically happens in a home environment.

Why it matters

Any form of violence violates the rights of the person whether a man/boy or a woman/girl.

Research shows that child violence impacts negatively on the health of a child in various ways and it includes; impacts on social development, widens the equality gaps, destroys interpersonal relations among. 

The following are some of the common ways on how trauma caused by GBV negatively impact on future visions and decisions of a child; It causes long-lasting social, physical, psychological and sexual damage to children.

In the recent past, GBV has become a major health concern, for instance girls being more affected. Forced sex may result in teenage pregnancy; contacting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, chronic pelvic pain and unwanted pregnancies.

In addition to this, they are forced to live in silence because of fear of being abused further by the perpetrators and hence suffer psychological torture and sometimes suicidal thoughts. GBV also Impacts on social development; it deprives children the opportunity to explore full potentials, girls drop out of school due to early pregnancy thus deprived their right to discover and achieve their own visions and dreams.

All these risks of impairments to the development of children into adults not only affects them at a personal level but also negatively impacts on the societal development at large.

  GBV awareness.

In conclusion, any form of gender-based violence is not of acceptable, it is a hindrance towards attainment of sustainable development goals as well as human rights and children rights. There is so much yet to be done, more to explore on policy making and environments to better handle and end violence of any form.

Abuse on adults kills their self-esteem, the impacts are detrimental to their current and future mental, emotional, physical, social and financial health, and not just on the individual survivor and her family and children but society at large.

Life Coaching for Victims.

Trauma clouds our judgement. It makes everything seem harder. Any unresolved issues makes victims not to perceive things in a positive light, or as opportunities and/or as lessons.

It I difficult to create a harmonious whole life coaching strives to give, understandably so.

If you or any one you know is going through abuse do make sure you/they seek professional help necessary ASAP and that it is reported through the safest channel possible.

Reporting procedure information UK

Reporting child abuse


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