Gender Matters

If we paint everyone with the same brush, we destroy our uniqueness.

Equipped and Empowered.

What is the role of gender equality in the coaching world?

First let us find out what gender equality means.

What is Gender Equality 

The world is faced by a persistent gap towards the acquisition of opportunities and the authority of decision making for both males and females.

Gender equality refers to a situation where people from all genders consisting of men,  women, and the LGBT community are provided with equal rights, duties, and opportunities.

Individuals have a free will to prosper their abilities and make decisions without being limited by stereotypical perspectives, harsh gender roles, and biases. Gender equality does not necessarily imply that men and women have to be the same but states that they have to be provided with equal opportunities, rights, and responsibilities.

Gender equality entails more than just a fair representation, it is often strongly attached to the women’s rights, however, that should be amended.

Why Does it Matter.

Gender equality is vital since it is essentially connected to sustainable growth and it is very key towards the establishment of human rights for everyone.

The main goal of gender equality is to enhance a society where both men and women have equal access to opportunities, obligations, and rights in every part of life. In terms of population and programs which are related to development, gender equality is key since it will allow both men and women in making critical decisions.

These decisions positively impact their own reproductive and sexual well-being as well as their partner and family. The crucial element of gender equality is empowering women as they are often excluded concerning decision making and the accession of both social and economic assets.

It focuses on establishing and redressing the imbalances of power and avail to women the freedom to be in charge of their lives. This allows them to make independent choices and take an initiative to attain and sustain their sexual health.

Benefits of Gender Equality

Gender equality aids in making our communities sheltered and healthier.  A society that present unequal opportunities tends to be less unified. They experience increased rates of anti-social conduct and violence.

Countries that have embraced gender equality are more connected since individuals are not limited. The citizens are healthier and lead prosperous lives since there is cohesion.

Gender Equality in the Life Coaching World.

  • Everyone has different needs. However, the most common need is the need to be loved. Our emotional needs are what we must have fulfilled in order to be the best versions of ourselves.
  • When equipped with knowledge and empowered we are able to process those needs in an extra-ordinary way.
  • Life coaching has helped a lot of people identify their needs and have them met irregardless of gender they identify themselves with. We find that when we have our needs not met, we probably become or feel irritable, unappreciated, easily angered, jealous and/or deprived.
  • It is also important to note how life coaching as enabled a lot of people to find their own families. Some people are lucky to be born in loving families but some have to create or find their own families. No one deserves to stay where they are treated indifferently because of their gender whether by birth of choice.
  • It can be extremely difficult to attract success without friends and family mainly for the love and support. Belonging is a need.


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