Nicolle Hanselmann-Quick Glimpse.

Hi, my name is Nicolle Hanselmann. 

An entrepreneur by profession and nature, a life coach and an avid online blogger.

I am so happy you are here so glad to be a part of your life. 

Welcome to my website, this is a home for all.

It is a safe haven to help people navigate through life with ease.

We all deserve a helping hand, through life coaching, once in a while to help maximise our true potential to leverage remarkable results. If I can do it anyone can. 

Life coaching helps us see things in different perspective to spot opportunities and open doors that we would have hence thought shut.

Am here to help people. It has always been a passion of mine to learn and to share. 

But then after finding myself working in environments that made me unhappy or never gave me home and work balance, to make things worse after all the sacrifices I found myself being accused of something that I felt was unfair and unfathomable.It is then that I decided to make it my life mission to help others not to settle for less, ever. 

We all truly have the true potential of having it all & nothing less.

Just a little more about me. 

I love travelling, cooking, hosting guests and watching or reading inspirational materials. 

I’m very curious and  tend to experiment with DIYs and am actually good at it. 

I have an active YouTube channel that is also a safe space for sharing a variety of life issues including parenting , finance, self-development, books, just to mention but a few.

As we are in the middle of a pandemic, I have been sharing atleast a video a week and hopefully daily videos in the near future. 

Kindly do subscribe and join in the discussions as I would like it to be a more interactive space where we share and inspire each other. 

It will be awesome sharing with you. 

Thank you. 


Cooking. DIY. Shading & Calligraphy. Swimming. Travelling.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use
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Embrace the life lessons.