A Butterfly Landed On Your Shoulder.

Imagine feeling that warmth of the day on your face, the sound of the breeze relaxing you to submission.

You inhale and exhale steadily. Your eyes then shut.

After severally minutes of being in heaven, albeit on earth, you open your eyes.

Your body feels lighter, rejuvenated, the unwinding worked.

A feeling of wanting to stretch and flex your neck ensues, but before you do, you look over to your right shoulder and notice this beautiful butterfly, upper side white with purple band, resting on it.

What do they say about a butterfly landing on your right shoulder?..read more https://nicollehanselmann.com/a-butterly-landed-on-your-shoulder

Limiting Beliefs

Recognise and find out what they are. Redefine your beliefs. Manage your beliefs. Our beliefs tend to shape our lives both consciously and unconsciously. We develop all different kinds of beliefs as we grow up, some catapult us to success but some unfortunately stagnates us. Beliefs, especially those around money, can be reflected by theContinue reading “Limiting Beliefs”

What Life Coaching Is Not.

It is important to note the 3 things that coaching isn’t. 1.Coaching is not counselling or therapy. Coaching is not about fixing traumas or all those things that are perceived as fundamentally wrong with people. When you have a dental issue who do you go to? A dentist, right? Every profession plays its role andContinue reading “What Life Coaching Is Not.”