Boundaries Matter

Why Boundaries Matter and How to Build Your Self-Confidence. “If you wish to be the king of the jungle, It’s not enough to act like a king. You must be the one & only king. Sadly there can be no room for any form of doubt. Because doubt causes chaos that leads to one’s own demise” -From TheContinue reading “Boundaries Matter”

What Are Petty Annoyances and How to Get Rid of Them

Lives Petty Annoyance and Why We Should Get Rid of them. ’Blistering barnacles’ Who remembers Captain Haddocks curses from TinTin? I used to find it downright funny, still do. But wait a minute, what are barnacles? I don’t know whether you know or have heard of barnacles. Barnacles are those little creatures that love livingContinue reading “What Are Petty Annoyances and How to Get Rid of Them”

10 things I learnt in 2020

Today, I reflect on some of things I have learnt in the year of COVID-19 ( about myself, people and success) Beauty is all around me. Things change really fast. Vulnerability is bravery. People will disappoint you. Energy vampires will suck you dry. Know Your People. Happiness is a choice. Let Go, Let God. GratitudeContinue reading “10 things I learnt in 2020”

Financial Ground Rules That Will Change Your life.

    Find out what is money to you  Guidelines to being financially healthy 7 steps to being financially free Black Friday (hooray) is here and we are all super excited, right? Some amazing offers online especially now with the lockdown and festive season coming what else could we ask for. Money is power: soContinue reading “Financial Ground Rules That Will Change Your life.”

A Butterfly Landed On Your Shoulder.

Imagine feeling that warmth of the day on your face, the sound of the breeze relaxing you to submission.

You inhale and exhale steadily. Your eyes then shut.

After severally minutes of being in heaven, albeit on earth, you open your eyes.

Your body feels lighter, rejuvenated, the unwinding worked.

A feeling of wanting to stretch and flex your neck ensues, but before you do, you look over to your right shoulder and notice this beautiful butterfly, upper side white with purple band, resting on it.

What do they say about a butterfly landing on your right shoulder? more

What If

Ugly, crucible, struggles, trauma= Strength, resilience, values. Illness, self-doubt, rough childhood= Wisdom, good judgement, compassion. I sometimes reflect on my rough childhood and appreciate it a lot. The only pickle is when I want to share my story without coming across as hurting. Our stories build us. I am grateful for mine. Just to letContinue reading “What If”

Align Your Values

The first thing I do with my clients when they walk through the door in our first session is that I ask them to stand up for the exercise. I want you to dare to dream. I want you to close your eyes. And while you do that I would like you to record yourselfContinue reading “Align Your Values”

Rewrite Your Stars.

Rewriting your stars is as easy as ABC I have been rich and I’ve been poor. Believe me, honey, rich is better.-Sophie Tucker Quotes like these sometimes seem cheesy, crappy or just too uncool. But once you begin to dig them you will never be the same, you may need some form of self-development toContinue reading “Rewrite Your Stars.”

Clean up your act, it matters.

Albeit Einstein has been widely credited for defining crazy to us. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” “You are a victim of the rules you live by” – Jenny Holzer. Many years ago, as a young painstakingly industrious and zealous lady, I lost myContinue reading “Clean up your act, it matters.”