Just Search ‘Habit Development’ It said.

Learn how to develop new habits. Just before I clicked the ‘buy’ button, something in me decided to read the reviews. I was on a new read quest, so the excitement was there but for some reason, I paused. Checked the reviews, and there it was, someone had left theirs… …rather than buy the bookContinue reading “Just Search ‘Habit Development’ It said.”

Let’s Get Sentimental

Your Ideal Love Life This Valentine Ok, here is one fact about me, I have been single more than I have been in relationships. Huh! “Why?” You may wonder. Beats me. (No, actually I do know why) All I can say right now, in this particular phase of my life, is that I have aContinue reading “Let’s Get Sentimental”

Your Health, Your wealth

Health=Wealth As they say, your health is indeed your wealth, some put it as, your health is your first wealth. But, let us be honest how much effort do we put to it? We run for the number two wealth which comes in form of money (and frequently mistaken as number one) I found thisContinue reading “Your Health, Your wealth”

Parents-Building Healthy Relationships

Do not ever wait to enjoy your parents, do it now. Let them know how much they mean to you, now. Tell them how much you love them, show them how much they mean to you, now   May it be in both words and actions. Family May I revisit the topic about family? Please!!! We establishedContinue reading “Parents-Building Healthy Relationships”

Revenge is a Dish Best Never Served- Forgiveness

Revenge is a Dish Never Served. She Wanted to Hire Someone. In one of my YouTube videos I shared my story on how I got fleeced by family. That story got a lot of my friends tell me some of theirs own experiences. I realised how mine was just child play. I will make itContinue reading “Revenge is a Dish Best Never Served- Forgiveness”

They Will Make You Dry-Forgive Yourself

The articles I have been re-sharing from http://www.andreas.com were part of a series, I bet you deserve the whole juicy bits, don’t you?   Forgive Yourself. “No one can make you inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt. “…Flies all over his face, the ground around his lower bottom wet, we all can assume whatContinue reading “They Will Make You Dry-Forgive Yourself”

Same Script, Different Cast- Forgiveness

Writer’s Block. I couldn’t help but imagine how a well established writers feel when they hit the dreaded writer’s block. They do have a lot of things riding on it, their reputation, their earnings, passion, hobby, the list goes on n on… I have been writing a 4-part series of the plight of the diaspora inContinue reading “Same Script, Different Cast- Forgiveness”

Establish Your Relationship Priorities-Ubuntu

Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with a cold. -Andre Maurois I sat there in awe, listening attentively as Faith told her story with such bravery. (I must confess, I have this habit of wanting to help my friends, it is just a thing. I had to ask my mentor whether it wasContinue reading “Establish Your Relationship Priorities-Ubuntu”

How to Create Your Reality Using Your Personalty-Mental Wellness

Some articles are worth sharing again. This one was first shared at http://www.adreas-denz.com How to Create Your Reality Using Your Personality-Mental Health   We sometimes choose to bear tough times on our own but is it the right option?   Today, let us learn some basic tools that will change your life. It doesn’t takeContinue reading “How to Create Your Reality Using Your Personalty-Mental Wellness”