Self Assessment of Coaching Needs

You are in the right place. But before you get started let us do a quick fundamental check. 

Remember the exercise is an action-oriented, it is important to have a pen and paper to fill in the gaps. It is more of a workbook.

Have you asked yourself the  ‘Whys?’

Why do you want to change so much?
Why start a business?
Why do you want to be successful? 
Why do you want more money? 
Why do you want love? e.t.c 
Check my articles on; 

1. Finding Your ‘Why?’

2. What Are Your 3 S’s

3.What Motivates You?

4.What are Your Values?

5.What Are Your Emotional Needs?

Don’t worry as you complete the exercise in the topics covered everything will fall in place. 

Learn more on the complete guide in PDF form

What to expect?

This is a toolkit to coaching yourself to greater balance, vision and making meaningful change. 
Compiled 20 important aspects to set you in the right foot. All in separate files. You can work at your own pace and keep it to use for the rest of your life. 

Just to mention a few of the topics

– Dealing with stumbling blocks
– How to create a vision boards
– Things to do to manage risks 
– Identifying things you are tolerating. 
– The miracle question
– Decision Making and many more. 

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