Get Them Off-They Are Not Your People

Get Off..

Getting the balance right between give and take in any relationship is a pickle. It is one of the biggest causes of discontentment. One of the hardest thing that we ever have to do in life, is to accept that not everyone needs to be in our journey. Yes, some people just have to alight!

Life is a journey, and the beauty of it is in the ride, not so much the destination. We meet beautiful people, travel to amazing places, have amazing experiences and the works. However, one thing for sure is that the ride isn’t smooth. But, as they say, we only take our experiences beyond this, beyond life as we know it.


Scrub the old skin off…

I have had an amazing year, but part of it meant losing some old self, more like shading off the “old skin”. If you are like many of us, we tend to save the old skin, moisturise it, steam it and mask it, but what we forget is that sometimes we just need to scrub it all off. I scrubbed and met liberation.


Girl holding her head like fed up

What I am trying to say is that, sometimes as we move forward to our best versions possible, there will be a need to leave some friends and families behind. Easy? far from it. It is the hardest thing you will ever have to do in life, but a very necessary evil.


You have to accept that some people stay in our lives to stall us, to suck our energies, suck the blood out of our living veins, they are there to remind us of the versions of ourselves we are trying so hard to get rid off. These people have to go. OUT!!!

They are not your people.

Your relationship with the people around you provide the main ingredient for living well. Everything matters and prevention is better than cure.

  • Live consciously: Beware of the power of our thoughts. Remember thoughts becomes things.
  • Self-acceptance: Once you love yourself well enough, no one can penetrate that wall with empty promises.
  • Assertiveness: Discover the power of your voice and voicing your concerns in a healthy way.

Read more about creating healthy boundaries and relationships in my other articles.

Above all, look after yourself, like you have heard time and time again, put on your gas mask first before helping others.



©Nicolle Hanselmann 2021

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  1. Well penned


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