Procrastinating Purposefully- Life Coaching

Life Coach

True and authentic life coaching comes from within ourselves. It might be fine and exciting to have a guru “psychoanalyse” your life, but you have the capabilities in you to effect change.

A life coach is great, having seen its effect in my life, I advocate for it. Coaching lets you bask in the comfort of knowing you can “fix” your life, so why not. The tricky job is you making to sure these fixes are not just elegant and beautiful wall deco for your life. Unlearn, Relearn, then practice.

 Jeni Purdie, “Life coaching is a purposeful conversation that inspires you to create your best life”

Negative Self-talk.

Force of habit does not allow us to happily change to our better self hence the negative self-talk come out to play. The monkey chats.

What are they?

These are the conversations that we love having with ourselves, and I mean the negative ones. We love our little non-productive chit-chats. The ones that demotivate you. Make you self-doubt your actions. Halt you AKA procrastinate.

Make them purposeful.

What you resist, persists.

All you need to do is make them more meaningful and purposeful. Next time you don’t feel like doing anything, relax and find out why. With you coach you can make use of life coaching by asking appropriate questions.

For instance you could ask;

Why do you act the way you do?

Why don’t you want to get out of your settee?

Is there a reason behind the procrastinating?

What are your limiting beliefs?

Do you have any options and what are they? etc

So, basically life coaching leaves you with answers. It should leaves you refreshed, inspired and allow you to dream even bigger.

It is what will make you understand your values, your “whys”, and get you doing things you never thought possible.

I would like to be the one who joins you on that amazing journey, the beginning of the rest of your life.

For a change to last it has to come from deep within yourself. Remember, some people way talented than you are doing amazing things. Join the new self-believing and confident go-getters.



  • You have to recognise and rejoice in those baby steps you make.
  • Meditation helps refresh the mind and jump-start it.


Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks. So, whether you refer to it as procrastination or akrasia or something else, it is the force that prevents you from following through on what you set out to do. Read more from James Clear’s article “Procrastination”

Check out my course on “Time Management & Procrastination” 

©Nicolle Hanselmann 2021

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