Oneness- What is Spirituality?

There are some questions that no one should ever answer for you. These questions include and by far not limited to;

What is success?

How does a perfect marriage look like? and

What is spirituality? amongst many other person-oriented aspects of life..

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is complex. To simply it, for me it is the connection, or reconnection with oneness. It is the returning to love, which by no surprise is the greatest power there ever was. Spirituality is the reason I am in constant awe, the seeking and pursue of purpose, awe-ful!!!

It is my “Why”. My why I give, and my why I am receptive of receiving. My “How” I get things done. My role and responsibility, the get out of bed, eat healthy, share with other. It makes me stay in the now, reduces my anxieties and my worries.


Accessing spirituality.


I am not the one that seeks buildings or institutions to feel connected, I found my own version that fits my life and values. At one point in my life, like many of us sometimes experience, I was so low that nothing but the supernatural could have brought me out of it. I learned a very important skill at a very important time in my life, the power of forgiving myself.

With this power came liberation. My life dramatically changed. I forgave myself of my past, the choices and the consequences they carried, my flaws and mistakes. This gave me such amazing clarity, I attained divine peace and love like anything I had seen before. That is spirituality to me.


Exploring spirituality

Needless to say, as you rediscover what spirituality means to you remember these tips below, but above all remember to love you.

1. Be authentic to yourself. Do not define spirituality based solely on institutions you were brought up in, or other people’s religion or faith. Find your own path and keep seeking purpose. Like any other thing in self-development, it requires practice, give time, time!!!

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln

Have some secluded time each day, or week or even month to reconnect with your inner being. I find yoga and meditation working for me. I don’t do anything extreme yet.

2. Birds of a feather. Surround yourself with people who feed your urge to grow spiritually. We are an average for the 5 people we spend the most time with, remember?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn



3. THINK. Put people first, then money, then fame. Ask yourself these gatekeepers questions of life before you speak…

T- is it True

H- is it Helpful

I- is it Inspiring

N- is it Necessary

K- is it Kind

4. Limiting Beliefs. Find out what beliefs are holding you back, those that are not aligned with your values. What are some of the limiting beliefs you have, do you know them?

5. You are a mortal. Accept yourself as a human, warts and all. Forgive yourself, be kind and gentle to yourself hence making it a lot easier being kind to others. Loop from heaven.

6. Other options. Use a mentor, spiritual leader or life coach to explore your spiritual journey with you.


Whatever you do, you come first.





©Nicolle Hanselmann 2021


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