What Are Petty Annoyances and How to Get Rid of Them

Illustration of barnacles

Lives Petty Annoyance and Why We Should Get Rid of them.

’Blistering barnacles’

Who remembers Captain Haddocks curses from TinTin?

I used to find it downright funny, still do.

But wait a minute, what are barnacles?

I don’t know whether you know or have heard of barnacles.

Barnacles are those little creatures that love living on the surface of sea vessels especially ships.

They are great on rocks but not on ships.

(Just to be specific, for those who love details, Barnaclesbalanus glandula, are sticky little crustaceans related to crabs, lobsters, and shrimps)

They start as one then grow to be so many, eventually, they start weighing the vessel down,

According to NOAPP, “Large barnacle colonies cause ships to drag and burn more fuel, leading to significant economic and environmental costs. The U.S. Navy estimates that heavy barnacle growth on ships increases weight and drag by as much as 60 percent, resulting in as much as a 40 percent increase in fuel consumption!”

I know, right.

Mind blowing.

Grrh! The poor big ships have to be taken out of water to be scrapped off or painted with special paint.

Now do this, picture your life, like literally.

Have you got any petty annoyances?

For most of us most definitely, YES!

Petty annoyances are those tiny little things in a our lives that we tolerate but then eventually, sooner or later, they start draining our energy (reason why sometimes a lot of us procrastinate, story for another day).

It could be anything.

It could be that cupboard you keep saying, and mean to declutter or may be that button that fell off you’re lovely outfit, every time you want to look a million dollar, you pick it up, try it on but damn!

Every single time you pick it up, and remember that you can’t wear it unless you sort out, then get annoyed? Petty Annoyance!

I personally have a dress that I keep to date, it is too precious to bin and too annoying to keep. Blistering barnacles!

Barnacles matter.

Everything matters.

It matters.

If you are like most of us, you find yourself creating a loop from hell. Pick it up, annoyed, put it back annoyed that you haven’t sorted it out. Then annoyed at yourself for being too lazy and too busy, yada! yada! yada!, you get it?

Petty annoyances could be anything.

So, here is your homework.

Write down a list of all your most petty ‘ignorable’ annoyances in your life, whatever it is. Be it that lightbulb you haven’t fixed, be it that broken chair, anything, all of it, write it down.

Then work through them steadily and see how much lighter you feel.

Don’t stress about those you can’t solve yet…

…or control if it involves changing other people or your environment.

If you need more help and information feel free to chat to us we have a lovely great team of dedicated individuals who will listen to you and try to help.

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Photo credits: Greg Nunes.

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