Boundaries Matter

Illustrating self-confidence.

Why Boundaries Matter and How to Build Your Self-Confidence.

“If you wish to be the king of the jungle,

It’s not enough to act like a king.

You must be the one & only king.

Sadly there can be no room for any form of doubt.

Because doubt causes chaos that leads to one’s own demise

-From The Movie Gentlemen.

Can you picture the king of the jungle, The Lion asking its food, the deer, permission to eat it?

Hi, I am the king of the jungle, do you fancy being my dinner tonight?


Imagine the wonders we could do in our lives if we truly and fully believed in ourselves.

Most of us should be arrested for those things we tell ourselves. Sigh! Actually this should be made into a thing, like literally. Only joking!

This tip I am about to share, should do wonders in building your self-confidence, it will help you be the king of your jungle, jungle here being your environment.



Have boundaries.

You will have to learn the habit of addressing every nitty-gritty issues in your life.

Anything that constantly bothers you needs to be tackled head on and that is as soon as practically possible.

Those stuffs you treat as minute, as tiny, as unimportant, and you tell yourself “oh! it is ok it will go away. Oh! it doesn’t matter…”

…and opt to ignore, pushing it at the back of your mind…


NEWSFLASH! It tends to build up.

It totally matters.

Everything matters.

It is not fair on you, neither is it fair on the people around you ignoring issues. They need to be tackled head on.

This basically means that, you should not tolerate negative remarks from people, however petty. It additionally means that, you should deal with those subtle digs, from friends and families whoever it is, there and then. Be what it may, do not bottle it.

Any confident person, or “big” person (notice the quotes), never tolerates or puts up with unpleasant behaviour from others. It is as simple as that. You can’t be confident and put up with crap, it just doesn’t work.

Put boundaries in place and see yourself keeping clean and crispy relationship, and hence, as a bonus, upping your confidence. Level it up!

Boundaries are good and healthy for your self-esteem and personal growth.

Put them in place and watch yourself transform.

Not that, if you do end up losing some people in your life from detoxing it, friends/family whatnot, then it is important, to remember, that they were just your energy drain. They are better off leaving your life.


Notice how much you have been putting up with in the name of being “nice” and/or playing “the good boy/girl?”

Write down the things you have been tolerating in others and start working on them.


Good luck and let me know how it felt.



©NicolleHanselmann. 2020


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Photo credits: Hush Naidoo on unsplash.

Ref: Coach Yourself to Success by Talane Miedaner.

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel.

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