A Butterfly Landed On Your Shoulder.

black woman with afro hairstyle and bare skin with butterflies
What do they say about a butterfly landing on your right shoulder?

Time To Surrender

Imagine feeling that warmth of the day on your face, the sound of the breeze relaxing you to submission.

You inhale and exhale steadily. Your eyes then shut.

After several minutes of being in heaven, albeit on earth, you open your eyes.

Your body feels lighter, rejuvenated, the unwinding worked.

A feeling of wanting to stretch and flex your neck ensues, but before you do, you look over to your right shoulder and notice this beautiful butterfly, upper side white with purple band, resting on it.

What do they say about a butterfly landing on your right shoulder? 

Anyway, in a panic, not wanting to lose sight of it, you stretch your palms to catch it, but instead you startle it, it flies away to the post by you.

Not the reaction you expected, right?

You try again, it flies to the next, not accepting defeat, you now decide to turn it into a battle, your fierce desire to catch it keeps sending the butterfly away. Chase, fly. Chase, fly…

A feeling of rejection is not so far of.

Sooner than later you realise you will not win. It is a losing battle.Mmh! mmh!

You decide to SURRENDER. YOU STOP!

You sit back, go back to relaxing, and close your eyes once again acknowledging the beauty of your surrounding.

The butterfly comes back on your right shoulder, yet again.

This time round, you are wiser.

You later come to learn that the right shoulder signifies strength. You reflect on this for a moment, and your life changes for the better.

When we want something so desperately we sometimes put out negative energy pursuing it.No one likes a desperate person anyway.

We transmit the energy of lack, the energy of not believing and trusting in The Universe ( Insert what you believe in).

We work so tirelessly and end up achieving the opposite, we end up pushing away our goals, our dreams, our desires etc

Does that sound familiar? We call it being busy.

How about just surrendering to your all knowing Source?

This means that you really, have to let go energetically. 

Let Go, Let God. 

Let go of the small things, don’t sweat it.

As we coming to Christmas, allow me to share some tips on enjoying this season that some of us manage to turn it into stress and mayhem. 

We worry about what presents our friends would like?

How much to spend this year after all we’ve had Covid-19, right?

Can food ever be too much? Will it be too little?

Will my hosting be better than Aunt Susan’s?

Smoke! Smoke! Fire! Fire! Panic button.

You know how you get.

Eliminate the worries.

10 Steps to Staying Happier This Season.

~Joy filtering

This is something that was coined by Marie Kondo on decluttering.  In her fundamental of tidying, she taught a procedure of testing whether we like things through a concept called joy filtering. 

This is how it works, what you ought to do is check items, each item in your life, things you own, by placing them next to you, if it brings you joy then you keep it, if not you get rid of it, nicely. It is so easy and can be applied in other areas of our lives.

So this season if you get invited to a party ask yourself “Will this add joy to my life?” If not, decline. 

You don’t have to go to every single holiday party you are invited to. Sounds like a crime to me if you asked me, especially if it makes you miserable. I do hope you already learnt how to say ’NO’ and the importance of it too.

So, stop sending holiday cards unless you love to do it and can afford to. If it brings you joy and you can’t afford it, then make the cards and gifts yourself. This even makes it more personal putting in such a personal touch. Try and pick just ten people who are special to you and send it to them. Yeah! You read that right.

Surrender, do not chase on things that do not bring you joy.

~Forgive and make amends. 

This year has been dramatic, but it doesn’t have to stay like that. We need 2021 to be our best year yet.

If someone did something that hurt you, now is the time to call and forgive them. 

There is a whole article on how to go about it in our blog.

Surrender, do not carry the burden of an unforgiving heart, you can’t take poison and hoping the other person dies, can you? Energy needs to flow, a burdened heart blocks it.

Love yourself enough to bear a forgiving heart.

~Get the whole family involved. 

The holiday preparations can be exhausting and a burden if you are doing everything by yourself, but lots of fun when everyone pitches in, give them a chance. Have everyone bring in something during the holiday season, a dish or drinks every little helps. Surrender, we all need help, it is ok.

~There is joy in giving.

Remember love is the greatest gift of all and you can’t love without giving, also remember give and it will come back to you.

Do a good deed for someone else, with your time, talents, money, knowledge whatever it is you have will do.

…brighten someone’s day!


~Simplify gift giving. 

In this era, a lot of people are quite understanding, so relax do not stress out. It is all in your head.

As they say, it is the thought that counts.

In fact, anyone who demands more from you needs to be checked, are they friend or foe? Do they bring you joy? Check point one above for reference.

~Take some ‘Me-time’

Many people get depressed during the holidays plus after having such a dramatic year. Oh boy! 2020 where do we start..

This holiday season, just make sure that every single day you have something to look forward to, no one mentioned big and expensive, coz it doesn’t have to be. It can simply be a hot bubble bath, I hope bath salts are not too expensive wherever you are.

~Keep a positive perspective. 

Just remember the bottomline is to have fun, it is not a competition either, so go with the flow. Relax.

Be grateful for all things.

Burnt turkey anyone?

~Redefine your holiday tradition(s). 

Only ask the important people in your life what their three most important things are that make the holiday special, then focus on those.

Your life, your rules. Your life is your party, live it your way in your own terms.

We have survived very unprecedented times, so are and should be open to examining and re-evaluating some of our traditions. We must admit that some are outrageous at time. ( If you are finding difficulty in changing due to beliefs read more on https://atomic-temporary-183607724.wpcomstaging.com/limiting-beliefs/)

~Save for the holidays.

It might be a little too late now for this year, but you can start saving early for next holiday season. 

A penny saved is a penny earned.

~Hire some help.

You don’t have to know everything neither do you have to do everything. So it is ok to need, and hire some help… or even keep them who cares.


  • It is all about allowing not forcing.
  • Energy needs to flow or else it stagnates.
  • If it was meant to be it will be.
  • If it is in alignment with your purpose it will find it’s way back.
  • Surrendering is trusting The Universe and all things ‘shall be added into you’

Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you, rather than against you.-Eckhart Tolle.

Your faith in The Universe must be stronger than everything else.

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©nicollehanselmann 2020

Photo by pexel.com

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