Mental Wellness

You have no idea how promising the world begins to look once you have decided to have it all for yourself. And how much healthier your decisions are once they become entirely selfish. Anita Brookner.

One thing that I have really come to love and speak about a lot is mental health.A tops so close to my heart.

When “the lights are on and nobody is home’ there is nothing much a lot of us could possibly do to help such an individual, save for our consistent support.

I have become like a street preacher when it comes to mental wellbeing, “LOOK AFTER YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET,-YOU.”

Coaching has brought to light how we can look after ourselves by providing us with adequate resources to do so. It feels like not so long ago people chased success only from a financial point of view and ironically, most people ended up losing their first wealth, their health.

Let us first start with the basics.

Mental Wellness

What is mental wellness

Positive mental health is associated with psychological and mental welfare. Mental wellness refers to a good/healthy state of mind.. It entails more than just the availability of a  mental illness. Mental health may consist of an individual’s potential to enjoy life and develop stability between the activities of life and efforts to attain psychological elasticity.

To be mentally well imply that your mind is in the right state and it is working in your best interest. You are capable of thinking, feeling, and behaving in ways that develop a positive effect on your social and physical welfare.

Mental wellness is influenced by various factors that consist of biological aspects like heredity, personal factors such as self-esteem, experiences from childhood and way of life,   and lastly the physical environment such as the state of an individual’s home.

The Significance of Mental Wellness

Individuals who are mentally well tend to be positive, self-confident, and enthusiastic.

They are often in charge of their thoughts, feelings, and conduct. This helps them to adapt to challenges, create strong bonds, and appreciate life. Attaining good mental health enables you to discover your abilities, manage stress and daily life challenges, take part in productive work, and give positive contributions to your community.

Maintaining mental health needs time and commitment, the more you bank on your mental health, the more powerful it will turn out to be.

Individuals who are mentally well possess a sense of control. People who have good mental health manage their destiny and make independent decisions. Secondly, they can perceive circumstances positively. They perceive challenges as a way in which they can recollect and better themselves, they become able to counter any predicament that might come their way. Lastly, people who are mentally well, healthily display their feelings and they are often rational.

Promoting Mental Wellness

There are several ways of improving mental health.

Firstly,  being informed about your emotions and responses. Carefully observe the things in your life that make you sad and annoyed, make sure to address the things that frustrate you. Secondly, mental health can be enhanced by staying positive. An individual should focus on the bright side of life, connect with positive-minded people, and forgive themselves and others in case of a mistake. Thirdly, you have to make connections through organizing dates or joining groups to get to know new people and establish contacts. Lastly, one should be able to balance between play and work. You should create time for the things you enjoy doing and concentrate on positive energy.

Mental Health in Life Coaching.

We can not afford to neglect the most important part of our lives. It is easy for people to sort their jobs, homes, family, relationships but often times do not take time to recharge the batteries.

What good is all the success in the world without the mental capacity to enjoy it?

You are your best asset, invest in yourself. Always best to speak to someone when things become too much to bear preferably a professional.


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For someone to speak in regards to mental well being visit:

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