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There comes a time when you have goals, resources and time. However bringing all these together to plan and achieve the goals set become a toll order. Frustration set it because you are not moving forward. You are in a place of mental block.
A year ago I was in this place and a friend suggested I a find a life coach who could help me work though this space I was in. And that is how I landed in the hands of Life coach Nicole Hanselmann, I was skeptical but I knew I needed help.
The process was intense, self assessment and discovery can be mind boggling. Today I can say it was all worth it. She held my hand step by step nudging me forward. I have a clear picture of where I am headed and this allows me to operate at my optimum level.

Yvette Onyando
Yvette OnyandoCEO Ivette Media

As a human who has gone through life changing adverse events and later rose through them,I hold personal growth and development close to my heart. I love to be a part of people's transformation stories. That's part of the reason I got involved in Success Your Way Movement, working with Nicolle Hanselmann and other amazing life coaches to let everyone know that the life they desire is within their control.

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I offer one on one online coaching to help you find and clarify your life purpose.

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I offer financial coaching to help you learn how to have a positive relationship with money.

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Emotional Wellness

I will coach you on emotional wellbeing-how to identify your emotional needs, how to manage your emotions and how to get your emotional needs met.

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